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About Master Russell Benham

Hi my name is Russell Benham and I’m the head instructor for WCK UK Wimbledon.

I have studied Martial Arts from the age of 15, and have trained with numerous martial arts professionals from different martial backgrounds throughout the years. Today I continue to train Wing Chun with the WCK UK Chief Instructor Dai Sifu Wes Hussey. I started my training Wing Chun in late November 2000, coming from a kick boxing/boxing background I wanted to find a more internal system that produced devastating results, right from the beginning I could appreciate the directness of Wing Chun.

I started to teach Wing Chun to concrete what I had absorbed as a student and to pass on what I had learnt, to think that one day what I had taught them could possibly save their life! Teaching Wing Chun for me has become a way of life, to pass the art onto others has given me great pleasure, watching the student understand and apply a technique for the first time and gain complete control of the situation is priceless and always brings a smile to my face. Being part of WCK UK Organisation has allowed me to grow as an instructor and as a student, being able to pass the growth on to the students, watching people from all walks of life training together and moving well. Each one of the WCK UK instructors has at least 10 years Wing Chun behind them so you can be sure you’ll be learning quality Wing Chun Kung Fu.

As well as training Wing Chun I also train strength and conditioning, which includes kettlebells and bodyweight training. Since training Wing Chun there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I’m not surprised what the human body is actually capable of, its got me hooked!

I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

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