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Welcome to Wimbledon Wing Chun the leading Wing Chun school established over 8 years and counting. We are part of the WCKUK Organisation which has branches all over the South East, known for quality and teaching in an easy to learn step by step manner.

Taught by Sifu Russell Benham 7th PG, one of the highest level instructors within the Organisation Wimbledon Wing Chun will teach you everything you need to know about the Art of Wing Chun. Suited for men or women of all ages.

We offer a free trial so you can try out our classes before deciding if you'd like to continue your learning with us.

To get started just click on the membership tab and book in your first free lesson!

We look forward to welcoming you and making your first lesson a fantastic experience.

Sifu Russell Benham
Wimbledon Wing Chun

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